The trial is already over. The LG G watch has been returned. I wasn’t asked to, nor had any time pressure to return it, so to me that speaks of how little I desired it in my life.

There were just so many issues with it as outlined in my previous post and I never really found the experience enjoyable. I prefer to have my wrist bare again.

It was a good experience though to see Android Wear in its origins. The smartwatch and connected devices sector is moving at a heck of pace and devices like the Moto 360 have an active community of users. Perhaps it won’t be too long before there is something that is a much better value proposition.

Like many devices it may take a second generation of both software and hardware before all the pieces start coming together.

Something that interests me though is that most folks I have spoken with that weren’t compelled by Google or Apple offerings seem to be happy with their Pebble watches. Having been around a lot longer and been evolving constantly users seem very satisfied with them. There remains a vibrant developer community with some 18,000 developers and over 4,000 apps.

Whether Pebble will be a step in the evolution of the smartwatch that will become extinct as these newer platforms take off remains to be seen but am I curious about it and it perhaps you should give it consideration too before chosing your first or next smartwatch.