We have seen a few watches now featuring Android Wear, and the Moto 360 is widely thought the be the best of the bunch from a variety of reviews. Increasingly I have been tempted to get one when they come to the UK and was lucky enough to have the awesome Darren Griffin from www.macfixer.co.uk offer to loan me his for a while.

So below is a kind of stream of conciousness of my impressions and feelings as I spent a few hours with it:

Picture of my loaned LG G Watch in its box

First Impressions

Looks like a watch type box. Feels hefty but have to remember its has charger inside. Lifeless square of black on opening the box.

How the hell do i turn it on? There are no buttons. Needs to be placed on charger to turn it on. Not cool. On the good side nice satisfying clunk with magnet when its placed on charger. Wondered how I can tell when its ready and charged without constantly checking?- found a useful app called Battery Watch for Android Wear.I should say that apps are installed onto your phone, not the watch itself. Can get confusing when you need to take actions on both devices to get Wear apps set up.

Dissapointing when screen lights up how much smaller than the watch face the screen is. Thick bezzle. If all the watch face were screen that would have been much more impressive.

Photograph of the LG G Watch and TomTom GPS Sportswatch next to each other on a desk

Compared to TomTom GPS Sportswatch. You can see actual display size.

Next to install Android Wear from Play Store. Easy set up and guides you through changing your notification settings and permissions. Also a good way to go back through how it works later if you forget.

Then it guides you to Android Wear store to check out some other apps you might like. Immediately Maps and Wunderlist both there and I use both. Cool!

The first impression is that there are a lot of watch face apps. A lot. Is there anything else? There is but not exactly easy to find.

Spent some time playing around with voice control. ‘Ok Google’ and subsequent commands worked well. Sent a quick text very easily using voice alone. Pretty cool.

I dug out a copy of magazine to look for suggested wear apps to use. Trying out an app called Bunting which is free and acts as a Twitter client and should be able to tweet from it. Sadly for me it didn’t work. Something to do with 2 step verification. Email sent to developer. There were others such as Talon but at this point wanting to not spend any money on apps. Why isn’t Twitter already allowing Wear use? Is it going to be an Apple Watch exclusive?

Had a few emails come in now. Even more electric cacophony. Mac, then phone and final watch all chiming away! There is an option somewhere to set notifications to watch only.

Photograph of the Battery Watch face in action

Battery Watch face in action

It’s not exactly easy to get a snap of the notifications in action. By the time I flick my wrist to turn on display and get the phones camera to autofocus its gone again!

So that’s it for now. Time to try living with it on a daily basis and seeing how it fits in.

Any thoughts, questions or things you would like me to check out for you if your interested in an Android Wear watch just let me know via Twitter ( @RichHarkness ).

Watch this space for updates.