The Apple Watch Sports in white

The Apple Watch

The dust has settled, hysteria has passed like the memory of the awful live streaming. So not quite then ( ahem ).

What we are left with is a solid, desirable and clever wearable. The cleverest part as often with Apple is the simplicity of design especially when it comes to the digital crown. They took an existing design element that has existed for a very long time and adapted it for a modern use. But there are some issues with it..

Firstly it fails to do the one thing truly desired of a wearable as I mentioned in a previous post. It will not automatically know what type of activity being done. Again we are going to have to tell it “look here I am, going to do some running now thanks”. Then we’ll have to tell it when we’ve stopped and so on.

Next up, it fails as a true sports device. What the heck is the point of a lovely watch to go out running with if the user has to lug a 5.5 inch phone around with them. This is crazy and lets hope this turns out to be incorrect information or at least Apple manage to get GPS in there somehow. Another thing spoiling it as a sport device is that it’s not fully waterproof. The price this is going to cost it really needs to do everything in regards to sport tracking. Not to have to take it off in the changing rooms and swap it for something like the TomTom GPS Multisport watch. Which then sends the data to 3rd party fitness companies and not Apple thus ruining the seemless data collection in its fitness section. Grrrr.

I have reservations about how well it will work navigating such tiny icons and that we seem to have to use the touch screen on some occasions and at other times can use either the screen or the crown. One thing is for sure the sensitivity and feel of that crown is going to have to be spot on or the experience will be awful. Perhaps they will allow a sensitivity adjustment setting for those who are heavy-handed vs gentler folk.

Personally I am using a HTC One M8 as my phone. I had the Moto 360 firmly in my sights ( despite the dead bit ) yet this looks like a near miss as well. So to jump ship and get an iPhone and the Apple watch will set me back over a £1000. Ouch.

It may well be that I sit out this round ( how gutting ), or I give the 360 a whirl but I am not convinced that spending that kind of money with Apple is going to be worth it this time round. For both Google and Apple these devices seem awkwardly first generation. Lets hope they get enough interest to hit version two. Perhaps you should think hard about your purchase too and consider waiting for the next generation models.

VERDICT: Well done Apple but you can clearly do better –  Grade B