With the possibility of Apples new wearable looming next week and a few smartwatches all ready on the scene I asked myself a question I don’t normally care much about.. are these things fashionable? The reason I pose this question is that current watches are much more about fashion than they are function. Watches have well surpassed the point of developing anything functionally more useful than what we already have. So for mass adoption smartwatches are going to have to look good to wear and for people to feel proud and cool wearing one.

There is a problem however. I am not exactly a fashionable person nor do I follow fashion trends. I do however know of such a person. Say hello to fellow blogger Ruth Emmerson! Ruth writes on her fashion blog sheworechic.co.uk as well as writing for her local newspaper The Tamworth Herald. and I am delighted she agreed to share her thoughts about smartwatches. Over to you Ruth!

Smart watches are causing quite a stir in the technology world but what about the fashion world? Usually buying a watch is now seen as a fashion buy for most people, and yes being able to see the time is the whole point, but many of us look at the surrounds – strap type, round or square face, metal, size, etc. Watches have come a long way from the days of just being seen as a helpful tool to have on ones wrist; they are now, by many, considered a fashion accessory that is worked into an overall ‘look’.

I am not alone in having more than one watch; I have a few in all different styles so that I can alternate depending on my ‘look’ for that day. My personal taste when it comes to watches is more of a unisex look. I am not keen on overly girly and feminine watches; I like them to be a round face, clean, usually gold or silver, simple and a decent size. So when it comes to the smart watch, should looks be a factor? Personally, yes.

I have reviewed three key players in the smart watch world purely on looks alone, nothing else; here are my thoughts…

Moto 360

Out of the three I looked at this was by far my favourite mainly because it didn’t look like a typical smart watch to me. I really liked how this looked like more of a unisex watch; I could imagine both my male and female friends wearing this.
The combination of leather and stainless steel is a winner for me and overall it looked quite compact and neat. This watch is one you could work into your wardrobe as it isn’t a huge statement of ‘look at me I’m wearing a smart watch’; it blends in well and appears subtle.

Samsung Gear Live

For me this looked like a typical smart watch and there was nothing fashion wise to get excited about. It was a little too chunky and masculine; as I’ve said I am not one for girly watches but I cannot imagine many females wearing this as it would be too big for their wrists.


My thoughts on this were pretty much the same as the Gear Live watch as they are quite similar in terms of looks. This used a rubber strap which personally I don’t like for watches. Again there isn’t much to appeal to a female in terms of how it looks and how it would work as an ‘accessory’.

For guys the Gear Live and the LG G would not cause too many issues; they are masculine, chunky, dark and look quite gadget like. I can see men wearing all three but for us ladies, I would say the Moto 360 is our only option.

I think a leather strap is a good way forward and having a range of colours (but still keeping them quite dark and chic) such as navy, grey, silver and black to choose from. Bringing out two sizes, a small and a large could again help to appeal to a female audience.
Smart watches don’t need to be fancy or feminine; a simple structure and design can work amazingly well, I just think there needs to be more thought into setting them apart from each other not just in a technology sense but also a fashion one.