Android Authority recently got the scoop on a brand new form of wearable display with a flexible e-ink display called the Wove. Whilst the image above is likely a render it’s not a pipe dream. Wove is an always-on flexible capacitive multitouch e-ink display and it’s coming in 2016.

This is the kind of innovation that many of us including myself have been seeing in magazines and films over and over but finally the reality is coming. Due to the unique form factor and display perhaps it will allow us and developers to think of new and more helpful ways to use the space on our wrists.

The video shows a flexible e-ink display in a band form but not interactive. Wove is based on Android which is good news for developers and consumers as developers won’t need to learn a whole new language.

The company are starting with e-ink but the their website states that they can make them with oled as well. Further down the product line they are looking to integrate these displays into clothing as well.

I’m excited to see what this brings to the wearables as there are many who feel sicking with a watch form isn’t useful or intuative and have been waiting for something more innovative.

This is a fascinating device and I’m going to be watching the progress of the Wove so keep watching this space for news about this device and more.