AppleWatch-Tumbles-4-Up-PRINTApple Watches in new colours with many more band colours

Apple announced yesterday two new colours for the body of the Apple Watch, Rose Gold and Gold Aluminium models. Now if you want that gold look without dropping 5 figures on an Apple Watch your all set.

Apple have teamed up with Hermes to create an exclusive model of Apple watch with them which has an exclusive watch face and a range of leather bands.There are now many more bands colours to choose from too with a selection of vivid colours including a Product RED™ band and a range of more subtle pastel colours.There are a few new leather bands as well to go with the stainless steel model. I couldn’t find a nice image of them all so if your interested I suggest you check out Apple’s watch band page.

Apple talks more about watchOS2

With over 10,000 apps for Apple Watch the app store for it is growing fast and things are set to get a whole lot faster. WatchOS2 is on the way and it’s set to bring about a number of changes that are bound to make it even more desirable to those looking to buy one and essential to existing users.


Most importantly apps will now run natively on the watch. This means they don’t have to transfer data too and fro from watch to phone. Significant performance increases are expected but what effect this will have on battery life remains to be seen.

3rd party “complications” are now allowed also. A complication on a watch face is additional information the face provides other than the time. On a tradition watch this might be atmospheric pressure, phases of the moon and so on. On the Apple watch they could be anything. News flashes, temperature, notifications for apps and much more.

The new OS also allows the developer to display video, playback and record sound and access the health sensors in the watch. This is going to open up a huge range of third-party apps. Examples shown at the Keynote were Facebook Messenger, iTranslate and GoPro ( the watch shows you what your GoPro is shooting! ).

It seems that Apple’s vision for Apple Watch is very much a computer on your wrist that can do so much more than just notifications and health tracking. The new watchOS really raises the game and its going to be interesting to see how Android Wear responds to this. Will Google stick to their vision or will they also allow similar functionality?

The new watches and bands are available now in many countries including the UK and US and the new watchOS will hit watches starting on September 16th.