Hello again. It’s lovely to be back at the keyboard again. The school holidays are over which means I have time to blog again. There hasn’t been an awful lot going on until the last few weeks. I thought I would do a quick round-up in no particular order.

Android Wear comes to iOS

..and in other news “The snow in hell is getting out of hand says Satan”.

The leak for this originally showed up in android channels when a leaked press release ( aren’t they all these days ) showed the device was compatible with iOS. Yet it had been announced that this was an android wear device.

Then it became official. I’m still kind of stunned. Yes of course its a little more limited than on Android but it still seems pretty functional.

This can only be good news for everyone. More options on iOS for buyers means more competition and this in turn drives innovation and speeds up the race to be the best.

This is a sure-fire sign that Apple is a really different beast under Cook. I really admire what he’s doing in taking the company and pushing it to be more open and considerate in so many ways.

Apple Watch on working on Android? Don’t count it out.

IFA 2015

IFA is just getting going today and there will be a glut of new devices coming out in the coming days. The Huawei Watch is much talked about, Samsung’s Gear 2 was confirmed today and there is a Motorola announcement coming. This looks from leaks as if this year they are releasing two models of the new Moto 360, a sport model and a metallic version. If rumours are true it looks like the black band at the bottom will persist. This is disappointing really if true, especially with the number of fully round displays now coming out.

Pebble Time Steel update

I backed the Time Steel as a Kickstarter. Originally promised for the end of July backers are now being told it could be the end of September before they get their watch. Meanwhile Pebble have had my money for many months. I don’t want this to turn into a rant but this prolonged waiting is spoiling my opinion of Pebble. My order changed to “processing” weeks ago and still no shipment date. I’ve read that once its at this stage it’s typically a few weeks and that some people have received their watches before the get the shipment email!

When I eventually get it I’m considering doing a Periscope of the unboxing and first impressions.

So there we have it a quick update of what’s interesting me in the world of wearables. Now I’m off to check out the IFA news. See you soon!