The Hololens was out on full show at E3 for an incredible tech demo. The team showed off playing Minecraft using the Hololens to give you a huge screen to play on. Then the real twist occurred when they showed how it could be used to play Minecraft as a hologram right in front of you whilst another player is running around inside the world and you can look on God like.

The demo is simply stunning. It’s incredible and even more so if you like Minecraft. I can’t help think that its going to cost an awful lot more than most adults would pay for their kids to play so it may well end up being for ‘big kids’ only!

Along with this Microsoft have an official public website for it so it really looks like this is going to become a full product. I can’t tell you how excited I am to try this.

You can watch the demo below:

Occulus Rift is finally ready for the general public ( its only been 3 years <cough> ) but there was a surprise thrown in as well..

The pre E3 event was a final reveal of the finished product and it doesn’t look too bad at all. Cosmetically it looks nicer and should feel nicer with soft materials on lots of its surfaces to keep it comfortable with prolonged use. Having 3D surround sound built-in is exactly what is needed but you can replace with your own headphones should you wish to.



Sadly talking about the Rift doesn’t really get you anywhere until you actually try one. The keynote felt like a guy trying to sell you magic beans telling the audience to “imagine the dragon looming over you and looking you straight in the eye”. It’s absolutely something that needs to be experienced but that’s not going to be easy for the vast majority of people so its going to be a slow burn of word of mouth if it succeeds at all.

One surprise that the tech press hadn’t had leaked before are brand new hand-held controllers. These are unlike anything I’ve seen before and allow you to explore your VR world with better accuracy. It will also sense gestures you make, like giving a thumbs up for example. It’s still in its early days and the Rift will come out with the Xbox One controller when it’s released in 2016. You’ll get a sensor on a stand to detect your positioning in the room too.

Oculus-Touch-2It’s all great and I’m really excited about both these products and giving them a go. Of the two I might consider the Hololens as I’m not a massive gamer and I’d be able to use the Hololens at home and it could be very helpful for me. Lets hope it’s not locked into using with Microsoft hardware and services but they seem pretty open and cross-platform now so I’m keeping positive.

For now however I’m giving Google Cardboard a try. It’s a cheap and cheerful way to dip your toes in VR at a very low cost. If you don’t like it you’ve really not lost out. Version 2 is suitable for large phones and I’ve just picked up a OnePlus One phone so it’s perfect. I’ll leave a link to the version I’m buying below and I should be getting it next month I’ll post some thoughts on it soon. Make sure you pick the right size for your phone.

VR is finally on its way. Perhaps this will be the next new age of computing.