I went to Thinking Digital 2014 and new immediately I wanted to be back for 2015. It’s a chance for me to get away from my normal medical life and surround myself with technology enthusiasts and highly creative people. It inspires me and helps me focus towards my goals and sometimes to question what my actual goal is!

The presentations this year were amazing again and you can already watch them here. They were all great but I am going to highlight ones I particularly enjoyed. I didn’t think there were going to be so many when I started this post which is a testament to the quality of the TDC talks. It’s probably best you dip in and out of this post and the talks unless you have a large chunk of a weekend your trying to fill.

They aren’t really wearables related hence this being a ‘Off Topic’ post. The videos are broken into Sessions and most of the sessions contain a few talks. I’ve given the time for each talk so you can skip straight to it.

Session 1 -15:45 Professor Luciano Floridi

A thought-provoking talk start to TDC15 about current AI, its future and why we shouldn’t be afraid of a Skynet like future. Worth watching so we can hold him to his Aubergine Challenge if he’s wrong!

Session 1 – 44:41 Andy Stanford Clark

A great talk from a guy that was creating the Internet of Things before that was even a term. His house is truly a smart home but all done off his own back and gives insight into what our homes might be able to do in the future. Texting to switch on your christmas tree lights anyone? Keeping watching to the end for his tale of ferries, Twitter and an April fools prank.

Session 2 – 06:40 Holly Goodier

The BBC is gathering a ton of data on not only our viewing habits but the patterns of our daily lives. It’s cleverly using this to offer up the type of content at the times we most want to see it. The impact of on demand TV is laid bare but Holly gave me confidence that the BBC is incredibly smart and will stay around for a long time to come.

Session 2 – 26:42 Tony Hey

The Third Age of Computing. Not only do we getting a great potted history of computing but a look at how adding computing power to most things in our lives is going to change the world we live in. Also the section with guy hacking a car might be one the scariest things I’ve seen…

Session 2 – 01:09:15 Sam Aaron

Sam argues that we should all learn to code and then goes on to show how he’s inspiring kids to do so via music. This talk made me want to dust of the Raspberry Pi I got for christmas and is still sitting in its box and get SonicPi doing. This was one that was best experienced live but still enjoyable watching it back. Warning: this talk contains traces of drum and bass.Sessio

Session 3 – 46:05 Seb Lee Delisle

Seb is an artist and entertaining speaker who creates his works often on a grand scale using code. He won me over with his love of lasers. Lasers make everything better right? Keep a watch out for Clappy Bird, definitely the most fun you can have at a conference!

Session 5 – 05:44 Ian Wharton

Ian’s talk inspired me so much I’d bought his book Spark for the Fire: How youthful thinking unlocks creativity from Amazon before he’d even finished talking. He argues we all have an obligation to create and put our ideas out into the world and youthful thinking is the key to doing so. Probably my favourite speaker of TDC15 but its a tough call.

Session 5 – 33:57 Simon Lynen

Perhaps you’ve heard about Google’s Project Tango. Perhaps you haven’t. Regardless you need to watch Simons talk about this brilliant piece of technology that could transform finding directions and objects in the real world. Makes you think about the future of our privacy too.

Session 5 – 57:46 Tara Shears

Never frightened to tackle the bigger issues at TDC we move to the Higgs Boson and the possible end of the universe. Heavy man.Seriously a great talk about the search for the Higgs Boson and why its discovery turned out to be a mixed. Oh and the Hadron Collider gets turned to Plaid.

Session 5- 01:23:10 Jennifer Monrone(TM)

To go back to Ian Whartons point in his talk the most ridiculous ideas are often the best Jennifer certainly embraced this idea fully when she trademarked herself and turned herself into a corporation. A truly mindbending talk.

Session 6 – 41:18 Catherine Mohr

Catherine did a fantastic job at making me feel very small as a doctor with her staggering career but I’m fairly sure that wasn’t her point! Seems I couldn’t escape my medical side completely as this talk covers robotic surgery and its future. SPOILER: there could be a future where detecting and treating cancer is as routine as controlling blood pressure is today.

Session 7 – 01:07:46 LJ Rich 

Perhaps the speaker I was most excited to hear in advance when it was announced she was coming as she was a household name to me after seeing her on BBC Click for many years. Her performance was hugely entertaining and her message to ‘just let your ideas go’ was really wonderful. Techno version of Kate Bush on a Steinway anyone?

I really hope you enjoyed the selection but please have a browse around the whole site as you may well find something that takes your interest more than my personal highlights.

I’m hoping to make TDC16 and perhaps after watching these clips I’ll see you there!