This specialised version of the LG Watch Urban is a curious beast as LG have decided to deviate from Android Wear with this model by using a version of Web OS. From the YouTube videos I’ve seen it seems to be a nicer looking OS than Android Wear and brings some new features to the watch.

Firstly its capable of LTE so it can be used to make phone calls and texts independent of your phone. It has a larger capacity battery than its cheaper brother the Watch Urbane so hopefully it can last you the day if you do go out for a while without your phone. The LTE SIM is integrated which means at the moment you have to go with the carrier that LG choses for a launch partner. In South Korea it works out about $10 a month for 500MB of data. Prices will vary when it comes to the US and if it ever makes it to the UK as no release date or price has been confirmed.

The buttons on the side give some quicker access to quick settings (top),toggle between watch face and installed apps (middle) and ‘back’ with a quick press on the bottom function. A longer press on the bottom button triggers an emergency call to a number of your choice as well as sending them your exact GPS location. Nice to see this feature after looking at the Guardian Angel device for women recently on the blog.

It also packs WiFi ( to keep the watch connected at home when out of Bluetooth range I’m guessing ), Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. This last addition means mobile payments are possible too.

It will make a decent sportswatch too as it has a rubberized looking band, GPS and heart rate tracking. Its waterproof to 1m for upto 30 minutes and dustproof. It has a 1G of memory listed in its specs so you should be able to store some music on it and listen via Bluetooth.

The downsides are this is likely to be pricey when if it comes to the UK. Rumours are it could be around £480 and don’t forget that monthly contract for the LTE data. Also it appears you can’t swap out the wrist band as the GPS is integrated into this so if you don’t like the look of it as it is maybe wait and see. Style is a personal think and some folks may find it too chunky but on the whole I think it has a good look to it.

As of right now in terms of hardware this looks like the bleeding edge of smartwatches. Whether the ownership experience will feel as great is another issue and for such a high price that is a risk you need to factor in.

I’ve included below a video of what I have found to be one of the better reviews of it so far.