Apple have announced their new Health app and Health Kit for developers at this years WWDC ( World Wide Developers Conference ). It is set to help us all make sense of the data from our various devices and be able to look at our stats in one place.

It looks a typical clean interface and easy to use as would be expected from Apple but with more system wide changes in iOS8 we may see more interesting uses of the data. For example thanks to something called ‘Extensions’ apps will be able to share data between themselves in ways never before possible on iOS. Should you be fortunate enough to have a forward thinking healthcare provider you will be able to share your health data with your doctor straight from your app.

Doctors are going to need training and their own software to help them make sense of this potential deluge of data. We have never been trained in how to interpret so many data points from an individual and the whole issue of how much credibility to give this data is a whole other subject in itself. Also its all good and well to say “share this with your doctor” but how much of a doctors time is this going to take up?

I don’t pretend to have the answers but unless this is given some thought it could end up in mess with data flying in to doctors which they have neither the time, confidence nor skills to deal with. I think that would be a terrible shame as tools like the Health app will hopefully make people more engaged with their body and give them the feedback they need to promote healthier living. Also if privacy issues can be ironed out and be clear, anonymous data from millions of individuals could help redefine our understanding of the human body.

Apple’s announcement is very exciting and it will come as no surprise if they release their own health device later this year which may have features that work more smoothly than third party devices.

Your move Google…