Withings Activité-Pop

With CES 2015 firmly behind us I thought I would take a moment to write about something that perhaps snuck under the wire amongst all the flashier products on show at CES.

Withings have taken to the smartwatch scene with a different approach. Very much more a watch with a hint of smarts. Under the hood however there is some clever tech in action and a feature which I think makes it much more useful than some other wearables.

The only suggestion this is a smartwatch to look at it is the percentage of goal dial on the front. That’s it. No alerts, notification or other distractions. This may well appeal to some folks who want all the tracking but would rather look at the data on their smartphones on a nice big screen.

None of the usual smartwatch battery woes either. Without an active display the Pop sips power allowing it to run off a standard watch battery for 8 or more months according to Withings. It tracks your sleep and can wake you with a gentle vibation. It will automatically adjust to local time zones.

The Pop ( sorry I just can’t get away with calling it the Activité Pop all the time ) has one clever trick that I have been waiting on for some time. It knows when you change activity. At last! Currently it can detect when you swap from walking to running and in an update it will know when you have started swimming too. This is a great step in the right direction.

Ok so you don’t have heart rate tracking nor GPS to track routes so perhaps it’s not for more serious athletes. You are getting a pretty nice looking watch with a lot of clever features and amazing battery life for £119.95. I think this should definitely should be on your short list for a wearable device and would make a nice gift for someone wanting to get started with fitness tracking.

You can pick one up on Amazon here: