Month: July 2015

Apple Pay hits the UK and other wearable makers want in on the action

A picture of the Apple Watch Sport in white

The 400 pound Gorilla of mobile payments has reached the shores of Blighty and there is no doubt its going to change the way we pay for things.

Today marks the day that Apple Pay finally hits the UK stores. Many companies such as Costa are emailing customers to let them know they now accept Apple Pay. America had more reason to be excited than the UK as contactless payment really hasn’t taken off until Apple Pay arrived.

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Your fitness tracker could help or hinder you in court

A picture of the Fitbit range of trackers


Yet another instance has emerged where the data recorded by a fitness tracker has been used as evidence. In this case though it was used to overturn the victims claim and charges were pressed against her.

A 42-year-old woman alleged that a man had entered the home she was staying in during the night and raped her according to the report in LancasterOnline. Initially she claimed she had lost her Fitbit in the assault but it was later found by police lying on the floor. The data was retrieved from the Fitbit with and the lady volunteered to give over her login details. In this respect we can’t throw any blame at Fitbit in regards to her data being given to police without consent as she handed it to them. I wonder if perhaps she wondered if it would help back up her case that she was at home the time of the assault? Indeed it did do this but also gave officers much more data she may have not bargained for.

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