Month: June 2015

Microsoft Hololens and Occulus Rift get shown off at E3


The Hololens was out on full show at E3 for an incredible tech demo. The team showed off playing Minecraft using the Hololens to give you a huge screen to play on. Then the real twist occurred when they showed how it could be used to play Minecraft as a hologram right in front of you whilst another player is running around inside the world and you can look on God like.

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My top talks from Thinking Digital 2015


I went to Thinking Digital 2014 and new immediately I wanted to be back for 2015. It’s a chance for me to get away from my normal medical life and surround myself with technology enthusiasts and highly creative people. It inspires me and helps me focus towards my goals and sometimes to question what my actual goal is!

The presentations this year were amazing again and you can already watch them here. They were all great but I am going to highlight ones I particularly enjoyed. I didn’t think there were going to be so many when I started this post which is a testament to the quality of the TDC talks. It’s probably best you dip in and out of this post and the talks unless you have a large chunk of a weekend your trying to fill.

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