I’m interested in how wearable technology can improve our lives and I came across the The Guardian Angel and felt it was something I needed to share as it might help you or woman you love get out of a dangerous situation.

Domestic abuse in the UK is shockingly common and of course is a global issue for both men and women. Women also have to deal with unwanted approaches and attention from men. The Guardian Angel is designed with women in mind to help in these kinds of scenarios.

It comes as a pretty jewellery-like pedant or can be worn on the wrist too. It has a fairly discrete button that is flush with the surface and on pressing lightly will send a false phone call to your phone so you can pretend you need to take the call and move away or distract from the current scenario. It may just give that little bit extra time to allow a situation to cool down. If things are getting out of hand a longer press sends out a SOS to the person of your choosing and this includes your exact location. As well it will turn on your camera and mic and start recording whats going on which could prove extremely helpful should you need to involve the police.

My only reservation with this is that the button is on the front of the device. If you chose to get one I think some test runs with friends before you start using it would be wise so they can tell you if they can see if you are clearly pressing a button or not. I think having a back up story in case you are spotted pressing it would be wise or might actually make matters worse. One idea that came to my mind was to pretend you use it to instantly check into Swarm or other location-based service.

I hope we see more devices like this and hopefully we’ll see some designed with men in mind too in the future.