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Your fitness tracker could help or hinder you in court

A picture of the Fitbit range of trackers


Yet another instance has emerged where the data recorded by a fitness tracker has been used as evidence. In this case though it was used to overturn the victims claim and charges were pressed against her.

A 42-year-old woman alleged that a man had entered the home she was staying in during the night and raped her according to the report in LancasterOnline. Initially she claimed she had lost her Fitbit in the assault but it was later found by police lying on the floor. The data was retrieved from the Fitbit with and the lady volunteered to give over her login details. In this respect we can’t throw any blame at Fitbit in regards to her data being given to police without consent as she handed it to them. I wonder if perhaps she wondered if it would help back up her case that she was at home the time of the assault? Indeed it did do this but also gave officers much more data she may have not bargained for.

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Garmin Forerunner 920xt – the athletes iWatch

You need to be aware of this watch if you are althetic in any way. It looks like its going to be around the same price as the Apple Watch Sports model but much better suited to an athlete. Official pricing is £389.99 from Garmin or £419.99 with a heart rate monitor included. It’s currently available a lot cheaper on Amazon – Garmin Forerunner 920XT GPS Multisport Watch with Running Dynamics and Connected Features – Black/Blue

There is so much to be liked about this watch. Its been significantly redesigned from the old 910xt and now looks like it could be comfortably worn throughout the day. When your not tracking almost any sporting activity and every metric imaginable it will still keeps a gentle eye on your step counts and calories each day. Claimed battery life looks excellent at 24 hours with GPS active and 40 hours in Ultratrac mode. This is a GPS feature that reduces power consumption by checking location less often. If you’re not tracking your location one can only imagine the battery will last a few days at least before recharging.

Out with the old dull monochrome display, the 920xt now sports a coloured display too. It can automatically upload its data when you get home onto your wifi network or sync with your phone via bluetooth. Working with both iOS and android the 920xt allows you flexibility in your future choice of phones and a wider resale audience.

Enhancing its smartwatch status even further the 920xt shows text, email, calendar, phone and ‘other’ alerts when paired with your phone. Press photos show the notifications as a little pop up at the top of the screen but at the time of writing I couldn’t find any examples of it in action.

Lets get to the few negatives. Its style isn’t as smart as either the Moto 360 or the Apple Watch. The UI looks a bit old hat and relies on many button presses to navigate menus. That being said the Pebble works in a similar way and owners seem to love them. Notifications appear to be nothing more than alerts, there is no action that can be taken from the watch itself unlike Apple and Google offerings.

Overall this looks like a highly desirable device and one you might want to consider even if you don’t consider yourself an althlete.



Vessyl – You are what you drink

Once in a while you see a new technology that looks amazing or as the late Steve Jobs used to love saying ‘magical’. I have seen nothing like this before and for me it will be genuinely useful. I like to keep a track on my hydration as part of my fitness ( a struggle ) and I am sure a few too many calories are sneaking in my diet via uber-coffees ( although I am moving more to simple black Americano now ) and fruit juices and so on. How many calories are you and I getting via alcohol as well?

Watch the promo below:

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