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TomTom Spark Cardio + Music might just be the perfect fitness watch right now

Picture courtesy of TomTom

Picture courtesy of TomTom

I’ve long recommended the TomTom MultiSport GPS smartwatch as a great watch for triathletes or any one who does more than just running and wants to use it in any situation. Last year it received an upgrade by adding a heart rate sensor but this year it has been given a serious upgrade and a change of name with it now being called the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music. The last part gives you a hint at one of the cool new features but there are even more.

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Android Wear gets it’s first LTE smartwatch


We’ve already had LTE Smartwatches from Samsung and LG. These however ran Tizen and WebOS respectively. Now LTE comes to Android Wear as well in the ( take a deep breath ) LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition ( phew! ). Apart from its enormous name it comes with some added functions and a mysterious new version of Android Wear.

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Wove is a fresh look at what wearable tech can be – and it’s real


Android Authority recently got the scoop on a brand new form of wearable display with a flexible e-ink display called the Wove. Whilst the image above is likely a render it’s not a pipe dream. Wove is an always-on flexible capacitive multitouch e-ink display and it’s coming in 2016.

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Learning to use Pebble Time OS

Picture of Pebble Time Steel with Make Me Smile watch face

My current favourite watch face – Make Me Smile

In this post I want to discuss my first impressions of Pebble Time OS and how its been living with the Pebble Time software over the few weeks I’ve had my watch.

First impressions count

Getting started was all fine, the watch tells you to download the Pebble Time app from the Google Play or iOS app store. The app on your phone walks you through initial set up. It’s once you have this set up done that for me things could have been better. As someone who’s used a lot of devices and software it wasn’t immediately apparent what I should do next. Was that it? What do I do next?

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