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Apple Watch Series 2 is now a serious fitness device

Apple yesterday announced the latest update to the Apple Watch. They have decided to call it Apple Watch Series 2 for reasons that may or may not become clear in the future. It could be that in the future they have a new form factor for it and are waiting to release that and only then will it be called Apple Watch 2.

So what new features does it bring? Well no surprises if you’ve been following the rumours but the fact that the watch is now is fully waterproof and features GPS means this makes the Watch a compelling device for the sports enthusiast.


Now waterproof to 50m the Series 2 Apple Watch should make a good swimming companion. I know there are some YouTube videos out there of people swimming with the Series 1 version but personally I’d never take that risk with something so expensive. 

Apple have now worked on sealing everything tight shut to water and during the keynotes they showed a video demonstrating the thrashing these watches took in the testing phase to make sure everything remained waterproof after prolonged use in water. It looks to me like it should hold up well in the pool. I love that they have redesigned the speaker so that after the workout is complete you rotate the crown on the side and the speakers vibrate to expel any remaining water!

There are now two new workouts Pool swim and Open water swimming. Below is a very brief but informative Youtube video on how these modes will work.

Swim demo

It remains unclear whether GPS tracking will work whilst doing an open water swim. I’ve reached out on social media to see if I can get an answer to this.

GPS Tracking

This was the big shock to me that as well as waterproofing the watch also has GPS tracking. This is superb. My idyllic vision of my runs with my music on my Apple Watch streaming to my Bluetooth headphones and not having to care if the watch gets soaked in the rain is perfect. Whilst some might bemoan a lack of LTE I think in someways this is a good thing whilst out running. The whole point is to escape, to get away from the noise of life and feel free. That is not going to happen whilst bombarded with messages nagging for attention. Now I’ll no doubt be happy when LTE eventually comes but I hope Apple finds a way to easily turn off notifications automatically whilst working out or having a priority mode perhaps.

Early reports say the battery can last upto 5 hours with GPS on. Now for serious athletes, say out on very long bike rides, this isn’t going to be enough but for the vast majority it will be just fine. I do see me popping it back on the dock whilst I shower however for a top up and this is no different to what I do now with my Tom Tom watch. There is nothing worse than finding your watch is dead just as you want to nip out for a run.

The addition of these two features means that for lots of us we can ditch dedicated fitness trackers. I know I plan on doing so once I’ve confirmed it all works as advertised. 


The watch now features a S2 system in a package chip with a dual core processor that promises 50% better performance, a new GPU that delivers twice the graphics performance. With WatchOS3 this should be a very slick device to use.


Nothing earth shattering but a boost in brightness upto twice as much as before makes the Watch much easier to read in bright daylight Apple say.

So what’s not to love really? Perhaps sapphire glass on all models would have been good as the Ion-X Glass is iffy for me. My wife fell off her bike onto a stone path her watch face is badly scratched. Still fully functional though.

I’ll be picking one up for sure and trying desperately to pre-order so watch ( pun intended ) this space for more content and hopefully some more video soon.

Asus Zenwatch Hands On

A look at the Asus Zenwatch 2. It’s a great way to experience Android Wear and will work on iOS and Android devices. At £150 it’s a good way to get into wearables.

Pebble Health First Look

I take a quick look at the newly introduced Pebble Health. If you like it please like and share the video.

Thoughts on the state of the Smartwatch industry at the end of 2015

The most interesting watch of 2015...dead in the water

The most interesting watch of 2015…dead in the water

The recent train wreck that was the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE release ( shown above ) seems a fitting close to the smartwatch story of 2015. It was a watch that had the newest version of Android Wear sporting LTE functionality so you could use it without the need for a phone nearby. I was pretty enthusiastic about its launch. Sadly it hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. In case you missed it the watch was on sale for an embarrassing 6 days before LG pulled the watch from sale and offered full refunds to everyone returning them. The reason quoted was that the screen suffered from a serious hardware issue that meant it’s picture would degrade over time. So it was recalled and LG confirmed there is no support for the device going forwards so really you’d be crazy not to return it. If you were a wealthy enthusiast you could keep it as a little footnote in tech history but otherwise you’d be returning this in a flash.

This whole incident reflects on nicely summarises the smartwatch industry in 2015.

“It was full of promise that ultimately disappointed.”

2015 did see the start of smartwatches gaining some traction but they never really took off outside of tech enthusiasts. I can only think of one person I know that has a smartwatch that isn’t a tech head but the person who bought it for her is ( and no it wasn’t me either! ).

Here are the things I feel that have stopped widespread adoption.


There is no “killer app” for any wearable at this point in time. A “killer app” is a term used in tech circles that refers to an app that is so useful on that platform that it makes the user feel it’s essential and gives a unique purpose to that device. An example of this might be your maps app on your phone. You can find out where you are exactly and navigate to anywhere with turn by turn directions very easily. Think how much harder it was before we had this on our phones. If you stop for a minute and think there are lots of “killer apps” that made buying a smartphone a must. The camera app, email, Facebook, < insert your choice of instant messaging client >, Spotify and so on.

What is the killer app for the smartwatch?

There still isn’t one.

Everything so far is replicating what you can do on your phone and in some cases it’s an inferior experience. Many have speculated it’s coming but so far no developer or any of the huge tech giants have come out with a compelling reason that gives them that “must have” factor. Mobile payments may be it one day but we’re barely starting and frankly it’s turning into a mess with various companies trying to bring out their own version.

This is not the only problem with the software. Across both major platforms, Wear and WatchOS,  software is still glitchy. Also both seem confusing and take quite a bit to learn your way around. Ask anyone who owns one of these watches are they’ll have plenty of things that frustrate them.


Let’s face it a lot of the first smartwatches were ugly utilitarian looking things. Then we got round faces which look a bit nicer but actually maybe less functional. The hardware in the first wave of Android Wear devices was a bit slow ( I certainly wouldn’t recommend going with anything from the first wave of Wear devices now ).

A picture of the Apple Watch Sport in white

Even the Apple Watch isn’t universally liked and certainly looks quite “computer on the wrist” in its shape. It is at least iconic in its look but I’m sure it’s looks will evolve a lot. The circles inside a square is weird to me and makes me wonder if they really wanted a circular model but couldn’t nail the manufacturing in time for the first generation release. I’m not the only one thinking this as well.

Still at the end of this year we are starting to see some very stylish watches in the Wear space. Fossil and Tag Heuer are both bringing out devices which look like their mechanical ancestors and really look smart. The trouble is they still run Android Wear once you get past the looks.

Word of mouth

Here is what could be really killing smartwatch growth. For anything to bloom outside of the tech enthusiasts I think three things need to be in place for the average user.

  1. Price
  2. Compelling use case
  3. Positive word of mouth

The first two still probably still aren’t right for most people but without number three being in place the average consumer isn’t even going to look into these devices.

The message from almost everyone on every platform whether it’s Wear, Pebble or WatchOS is the same:

“You really don’t need a smartwatch right now.”

They will all agree they are cool and can be useful and fun but do you need one? No. Often the conversation will drift towards the problems right now with the devices and limitations with them. Compare that to when the first wave of people got the iPhone and how vocal they were and wanting to talk about it and show you what it could do. Remember the conversations with friends  about what cool new apps or games you were using? Granted this has died down now but a lot of friends still share games that they love with me. I just don’t see that dialogue happening with wearables.

The “word of mouth” for smartwatches just isn’t there.

2016 – A New Hope?

I want to take things out on a positive note. Even though technically some platforms are actually on their second generation overall I think we are still in the “first gen” wave of smartwatches. For that reason I think we need to be a little forgiving and acknowledge that it may take more time for tech companies to work out what we really want from wearables and how they should work. I was looking forwards to seeing how watches with their own connections to data and calls might change the dynamic with our phones with the LG LTE watch. I’m sure next year we might see more of that being tried.

I’m also sure we’ll see a lot more established watch brands bringing out their own smartwatches as well. What’s most exciting of course is all the stuff we can’t anticipate watch makers will do.

Perhaps just like with the iPhone it will take Apple to create a stunning new wearable to really get the market going?

CES 2016 is just around the corner so it’s going to be great to see what’s coming next and whether it will be enough to push smartwatches mainstream.


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